Weight Loss

Face it you are fat! If you see a photograph of yourself that you don’t like do you tell yourself it’s just a bad photo?

Have you tried every diet under the sun without success? Hypnotherapy can help you to change your relationship with food permanently. Why is it that whenever we try a diet we may lose weight initially and then as soon as we stop the diet, the weight creeps back on again? The reason is that we have not actually changed our lifestyle or our relationship with food. We all tend to eat for different reasons, most commonly, comfort or boredom and yet if we listened to our body and only ate when we were hungry then not only would we lose weight but also we would be able to obtain more pleasure from our food.

Hypnotherapy is able to permanently change your relationship with food so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal weight.

I would normally see you for an initial consultation followed by a course of four sessions, which would take place over a period of two months. During that time you will agree to lose at least a stone in weight although many clients will lose two stones in that time. My aim is to teach you habits that will become part of your normal lifestyle so that when your treatment is finished you will continue to lose weight or maintain your weight loss.

Hypnotherapy is able to permanently change your relationship with food so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal weight.

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Do you have problems entering into or maintaining a relationship? Do you wish to improve the quality of an existing relationship?

One of the greatest challenges facing us in life is how to be happy with each other. So what would you say is the key to enjoying a happy and loving relationship? Think about all sorts of relationships; marriage, friendships, relationships with your children, your neighbours. Draw upon every experience in your life and think about the things, which you believe create rich and satisfying relationships. Is it shared interests, mutual respect, honest communication, passion? Of course these things are important but actually, the best way to make a relationship work, is to be happy already.

Being happy already is what attracts a loving and lasting relationship into your life. You must realise that it isn’t your responsibility to make someone else happy; we are all responsible for our own happiness. To find happiness in a relationship each of us must find happiness within ourselves first.

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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

‘A Man’s life is what his thoughts make of it’ Marcus Aurelius.

Anxiety and depression often occur as a response to the challenges that life throws at us. However, the negative thought pattern, which results, can then become engrained into the neurology of the brain and subsequently begin to influence all aspects of our life. Every thought produces a physical response in the body, by changing the way that we think, we change the hormones that are released into our body and the way that we feel.

Being happy, strong, relaxed, and contented are all skills that we can learn. By observing our own thought patterns we develop the ability to guide our brain in a more positive direction and through repetition we are able to change the neurology of the brain.

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Professional Development

People are not born with self confidence, self confidence is something that we learn through repeated practice.

It may appear natural, in fact it is a combination of a variety of learned techniques that eventually become automatic behaviour. When delivering a course of treatment designed to enhance performance in the work place I would teach the skill of persuasion and work upon presentation and communication skills. This involves examining and changing the neurology of the brain, a consideration of body language and vocal coaching, the use of humour and timing, all of which are designed to stimulate dopamine production in the brain of your audience.

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People are not born with self-confidence. Self-confidence is a combination of different skills, which can be learned and practiced.

Although it is natural to sometimes feel awkward in certain circumstances there are various strategies that you can use to ease the situation. A lack of confidence is usually a consequence of a negative thought pattern whereby the imagination is working against you, projecting the worst-case scenarios for things that might happen. Through working on your own internal voice you can develop your personal power and refinement of body language, movement and speech can add dynamism and influence to your presence resulting in indestructible self-belief.

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Sports Performance

‘My mind is my greatest weapon” Tiger Woods speaking at the height of his success.

Variations in sporting performance are due to overall mental condition as well as physical condition. The higher the level of athlete the greater amount of time spent on the mental aspects of training. Hypnosis is used to achieve the ideal ‘performance state’ for the individual. This is achieved by using imagery, ego strengthening and goal setting. You will learn to use breathing techniques and self-hypnosis in order to control arousal levels and sharpen focus.

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