“Everything is evolving, including you, just believe that your life can evolve in the way that you wish it to”

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Weight Loss – Anxiety – Relationships – Sports Performance – Confidence – Professional Development


About Judi Butler

I have developed my own unique approach to problem solving. I begin by making a thorough investigation of the background and situation of each patient. I implement an honest and direct approach in assisting the clients to recognise their own role in the particular problem or situation. I devise a psychological solution which is then delivered in the next session using either counselling or hypnotherapy.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Direct Approach

  • Recognise Responsibility

  • Regain Control

  • Develop Power

  • Implement solution


My business is built upon my reputation. Your success is as important to me as it is to you.

Judi Butler
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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