Emotional Wellbeing

‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference’

Buddhist Mantra

In these difficult times clients are sharing with me their concerns regarding not only their health but also their worries regarding the effect that isolation is having on their relationships, their family and their finances.

It is important to prioritise our emotional well- being and remain strong and positive.

Here are 5 points for you to consider and apply to your everyday life:

• Uncertainty – The more accepting you become of uncertainty, the happier you will be. Reframe uncertainty as an opportunity for learning and growth.

• The Parade – See your thoughts like trains coming into a station. Decide which train to get on and which one to avoid.

• Internal voice – Be your own best friend. Never speak to yourself in a harsh or despairing tone.

• Absolute Language – If you find yourself using words or phrases like ‘completely, totally, absolutely, it’s all a disaster’ you know that you are not seeing the true picture. Challenge your assumptions.

• Mindfulness – Take 5 minutes to eat a single raisin. Savour and notice the changing taste and texture, the lingering flavour. Apply this to every moment of your life in order to make your brain more receptive to pleasure.

I’d like to leave you with the thoughts gathered from a selection of people in their 80’s and 90’s. The thoughts of people nearing the end of their lives which I would like you to reflect upon.

‘If I had my life over I’d like to make more mistakes next time.’

‘I’d relax, I’d take fewer things seriously.’

‘I would take more chances, I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers.’

‘I would try to live life for the moment so that life would be, just a series of fabulous moments one after the other.’

‘I would travel lighter, ride more merry go rounds and pick more daisies.’

Judi Butler
Clinical Hypnotherapist
BA DipHyp
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Professional Development

Professional Development

People are not born with self confidence, self confidence is something that we learn through repeated practice.

It may appear natural, in fact it is a combination of a variety of learned techniques that eventually become automatic behaviour. When delivering a course of treatment designed to enhance performance in the work place I would teach the skill of persuasion and work upon presentation and communication skills. This involves examining and changing the neurology of the brain, a consideration of body language and vocal coaching, the use of humour and timing, all of which are designed to stimulate dopamine production in the brain of your audience.

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Do you have problems entering into or maintaining a relationship? Do you wish to improve the quality of an existing relationship?

One of the greatest challenges facing us in life is how to be happy with each other. So what would you say is the key to enjoying a happy and loving relationship? Think about all sorts of relationships; marriage, friendships, relationships with your children, your neighbours. Draw upon every experience in your life and think about the things, which you believe create rich and satisfying relationships. Is it shared interests, mutual respect, honest communication, passion? Of course these things are important but actually, the best way to make a relationship work, is to be happy already.

Being happy already is what attracts a loving and lasting relationship into your life. You must realise that it isn’t your responsibility to make someone else happy; we are all responsible for our own happiness. To find happiness in a relationship each of us must find happiness within ourselves first.

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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

‘My mind is my greatest weapon” Tiger Woods speaking at the height of his success.

Variations in sporting performance are due to overall mental condition as well as physical condition. The higher the level of athlete the greater amount of time spent on the mental aspects of training. Hypnosis is used to achieve the ideal ‘performance state’ for the individual. This is achieved by using imagery, ego strengthening and goal setting. You will learn to use breathing techniques and self-hypnosis in order to control arousal levels and sharpen focus.

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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

‘AMan’s life is what his thoughts make of it’ Marcus Aurelius.

Anxiety and depression often occur as a response to the challenges that life throws at us. However, the negative thought pattern, which results, can then become engrained into the neurology of the brain and subsequently begin to influence all aspects of our life. Every thought produces a physical response in the body, by changing the way that we think, we change the hormones that are released into our body and the way that we feel. Being happy, strong, relaxed, and contented are all skills that we can learn. By observing our own thought patterns we develop the ability to guide our brain in a more positive direction and through repetition we are able to change the neurology of the brain.

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People are not born with self-confidence. Self-confidence is a combination of different skills, which can be learned and practiced.

Although it is natural to sometimes feel awkward in certain circumstances there are various strategies that you can use to ease the situation. A lack of confidence is usually a consequence of a negative thought pattern whereby the imagination is working against you, projecting the worst-case scenarios for things that might happen. Through working on your own internal voice you can develop your personal power and refinement of body language, movement and speech can add dynamism and influence to your presence resulting in indestructible self-belief.

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Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss

Ihave worked recently with a client who, like many of my clients, has succeeded in losing two stones within two months. When Miss C came for her initial consultation she told me that she had lost faith in her own ability to lose weight. I explained to her that the dieting industry has made weight loss more difficult than it actually is.

It seems that before coming to me, most people are defeated before they even start because they are lacking in belief regarding their own ability to lose weight. Like most other people she talked about ‘lack of willpower’ and I explained to her that being slim is just a skill that we learn, like learning to drive a car. We learn through repeated practice and gradually this changes the neurology of the brain and the behaviour that keeps us slim becomes part of our automatic system.

Miss C had spent many years arguing with herself about losing weight, there always seemed to be something more important to do but this had resulted in many wasted years. When I asked her to recall a time when she had last felt good about herself the answer was over 20 years ago.

I explained to her that if she wanted to come to me in order to lose weight she must be prepared for the strict approach that I would take. Between the consultation and the first appointment she had already lost 3 lbs and by her third session she had lost her first stone. The second stone was lost within the second month.

Success Stories


Many of my clients have kindly provided testimonials, a selection of these are shown below.

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