Permanent Weight Loss

Ihave worked recently with a client who, like many of my clients, has succeeded in losing two stones within two months. When Miss C came for her initial consultation she told me that she had lost faith in her own ability to lose weight. I explained to her that the dieting industry has made weight loss more difficult than it actually is.

It seems that before coming to me, most people are defeated before they even start because they are lacking in belief regarding their own ability to lose weight. Like most other people she talked about ‘lack of willpower’ and I explained to her that being slim is just a skill that we learn, like learning to drive a car. We learn through repeated practice and gradually this changes the neurology of the brain and the behaviour that keeps us slim becomes part of our automatic system.

Miss C had spent many years arguing with herself about losing weight, there always seemed to be something more important to do but this had resulted in many wasted years. When I asked her to recall a time when she had last felt good about herself the answer was over 20 years ago.

I explained to her that if she wanted to come to me in order to lose weight she must be prepared for the strict approach that I would take. Between the consultation and the first appointment she had already lost 3 lbs and by her third session she had lost her first stone. The second stone was lost within the second month.

Success Stories


Many of my clients have kindly provided testimonials, a selection of these are shown below.

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